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E rickshaw runs by e rickshaw batteries. These batteries are made for the special purpose. These batteries not only start the rickshaw but also used as a fuel. Nowadays e rickshaw is getting much popular. They are basically pollution-free vehicles that are considered to be very useful. If e rickshaw battery is maintained properly then it will be very helpful for our business. Lead acid series batteries are based on oxygen recombination technology. It is free from any maintenance. Our batteries last up to longer time and are made up of supreme quality of the material. E rickshaw battery price is quite normal that you can easily afford.


  • Thicker plates – better for deep discharge usage
  • High Calamity
  • High Mileage, Stability & Power
  • Low Maintenance
  • Lower Topping Requirement
  • Long back up & less recharging time
  • Specially Designed for E-Rickshaw to improve the density cycle, Life cycle & charging Effectiveness.


  • Higher oxidization resistive separator.
  • Large capacity and high specific energy, adopts high-purity raw materials and national patent technology.
  • Long Service Life: in standard state DOD 80% (new national standard) can cycle for 600-800 times.
  • Less water loss and higher electrolyte volume.
  • Superior Low-temperature Performance, possess superlative low-temperature charge and discharge acceptance, avoiding sharp decline of mileages of continuation for the battery in winter.
  • Environmentally friendly: they have reliable and sealed structure design and are free from leaking and acid mist diffusion. They can be placed and used in any directions reliably and safely.

Specification :

  • Capacity –100-180aH
  • Technology – Flat Plate/Tubular Plate
  • Maintenance type -Low Maintenance
  • application –ELECTRIC-Rikshaw vehicle


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4.Emergency light 5.Emergency backup power supply 6.Auto control system
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